Top 5 Tips for Designing a Baby Nursery

Updated: May 11

When it comes to designing your babies nursery it can feel slightly overwhelming with all the advice out there (and if you‘re anything like me who spent most of the pregnancy feeling exhausted and being sick you don’t need the extra stress) so I’ve summed it up into 5 bite size tips...

Neutral baby nursery with mountain mural. Grey baby nursery room. Cupboard storage for baby with basket compartments
Storage is crucial when designing a baby nursery! For such small little people they have A LOT of stuff!

1. Find your inspiration to build around

This applies to any room you’re designing… find your ‘inspirational piece’ be it some bedding you want to build around, a picture you really like, a specific theme or some curtains you’ve found and love. It helps to have a starting point and this should also give you a guide on the type of colour palette you’ll be creating to. Also worth mentioning here that I absolutely love a theme and if you’ve got the budget for it then fantastic however it can end up being costly.

For my little one’s nursery as he‘s my second I already had some bits to use such as two pictures I had in my other little boy’s play area that he’d grown out of. I had also set myself quite a tight budget for my little one’s decor as I knew from my first how quickly they grow out of it and also wanted to put the money towards good storage units which I know will last for many years. Because of this I ended up finding quite a lot of bits on eBay (the John Lewis black out curtains, the Sebra mobile and The White Company cloudy garland). I knew I wanted to paint a mountain mural and another of my first little boy’s pictures was of some mountains so I based the decor very loosely around these things. If you hadn’t clocked already I’m a huge huge fan of savings things to use again (I can I often be found on Facebook marketplace and eBay grabbing preloved deals!) - not only is it so much better for our planet but also frees up money which can be spent elsewhere!

Baby nursery. Baby in baby nursery. Grey neutral baby boys nursery with styled shelf
Me and my little one! Hi!

2. Storage storage storage!

One of the most important things to consider when designing a room for babies/children! They end up acquiring so much STUFF! And the smaller they are the bulkier it seems to be. The more storage you have, the more spaces to hide things away and have only the bits you want out of display. A place for everything and everything in its place. We are incredibly lucky to have my wonderful Dad who is a carpenter and he built us Alfie‘s storage unit. I love the open units as the baskets are super useful to storage blankets and sheets as well as looking lovely with the design. Hanging space is also a must for showing off your favourite cute little baby outfits! The deep drawers below have also come in super handy for storage nappies, wipes and other bulkier things. Also be clever with your storage- I have two wicker baskets under Alfie’s cot which come in super handy when I’m sorting clothes that don’t fit him anymore until they can make it down into the storage box in the garage.

3. Black out curtains! (Or blinds)

I cannot say this one loud enough… whilst the gro blind is a great temporary travel alternative it’s not the best permanent option. I found Alfie’s gingham black out curtains brand new on eBay but they’re originally from John Lewis. My 4 year old also has black out blinds which we got custom made from a lovely lady on Etsy (MeaBeeDesign) And they’ve also been a godsend and do the job a dream!

4. Work with what you have

I’ve already mentioned this in the first tip but it deserves saying twice! My eldest was in a bed by the time Alfie was born so we were able to use his cot all over again! It’s a gorgeous, sturdy cot from The White Company which we originally got preloved for an absolute steal along with a White Co wardrobe and chest of drawers my eldest still has in his room. It was at the point where it was definitely in need of a lick of paint and I was thrilled at the way it turned out! We used a wood primer then Farrow and Ball- All White which is baby and child friendly so I knew Alfie would be safe when he starts nibbling it when he gets a bit bigger. There’s nothing wrong with recycling and upcycling especially as they tend to use these things for such a short period of time.

5. Encoorporate a chair if you have space

The chair in Alf’s nursery has been invaluable. I lusted after the Mamas and Papas rocking armchairs with footstools which look absolutely beautiful but we didn’t really have the space or the budget.. I was also aware that after a year or so it would basically be redundant. The chair we ended up using is actually a dining room chair we already had! As long as it’s comfy enough and there’s an armrest to rest your arm whilst feeding I’d say it’s a winner. Also, because I tend to buy items in similar colours throughout my home it went really well with the decor in there.

6. Make it cosy (Yes! An extra tip- I couldn’t keep it to 5! I never can!)

I love how cosy nurseries look… use cosy blankets and layer them to create that comfy look. The White Company is my ultimate fave for beautiful baby blankets- their classic style and quality is the cherry on the cake for a nursery. It also adds that touch of luxury. I also love to have muslin cloths scattered around the home - I had what can only be described as a Musy obsession whilst pregnant with my first little boy so I have enough to sink a baby battleship! My favourite are by Aiden and Anais- they're so soft and sometimes you can pick them up for a fraction of the cost in good old TK Maxx.

So there you have it! My two pence worth on creating a beautiful nursery.…I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And now for some of my favourite nurseries out there! Go check them out on Instagram or Pinterest if you'd like to see more of any of the accounts featured...

Baby nursery room, girls nursery with canopy over cot. Dolls house, wooden floorboards and vintage grey rug. Bunting hung above
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Green canopy over baby cot. Baby nursery. Bunting hanging for decoration. Fairy lights in baby nursery. Wooden flooring.
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Girls nursery bedroom. Baby girls room. Pink walls and pink canopy over cot. Baby wardrobe. Scandi girls nursery
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Giraffe toy in baby nursery. Kids playroom. Green panelling baby nursery. Inbuilt shelving.
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Baby nursery. Wooden cot. Green baby nursery. Rattan wall art
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Pink baby girl nursery with forest mural. Canopy over cot. Little girls room with mini rocking chair and round rug. Baby room.
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Which one's your favourite?? Kate x

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