It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Festive Foliage!

Updated: Mar 15

Add a real wow factor to your dining area and create your own festive hanging branch! This is far easier to achieve than it looks and a really lovely thing to have up at this time of year. I actually had my branch from last year’s Christmas up until last month as I just couldn’t bear to take it down! I absolutely love creating things with flowers and foliage and this was totally glorious with the fresh smell of eucalyptus and twinkly fairy lights...

To create this look you’ll need the following…

1 x faux eucalyptus garland- I got mine on Ebay in grey/white

A branch or something to attach your foliage to- I used a branch of Ash which my Dad very kindly sanded down and prepped for me this year. Last year I used it straight from the garden with the bark still on as it needed a few months to dry out. It worked just fine last year too and the foliage covered most of the bark anyway.

6 x Hanging tea light candle holders- Mine are Maison & White bought from Amazon

String of Fairy Lights- I swear by Lights4Fun for all my fairy light needs! These ones are fab as they are battery operated and come with a timer function. Just set them to the ‘timer’ setting and they’ll stay on for 6 hours then come on at the same time again the next day- magic! I went for the string of 50 micro fairy lights in warm white.

Festive Foliage- I used three different types of eucalyptus: eucalyptus parvi, eucalyptus cinerea and eucalyptus robusta. Mr C works with flowers so I was lucky enough that he brought it all home for me but you should be able to get hold of it all in a local florist.

Velvet ribbon- I got mine at a local florist last year. The one I've used is a dark, rich green which I think works beautifully and isn't as harsh as black. It measures 6cm in width and I needed 3 metres in total.

A staple gun

Fishing wire- I got mine on Amazon but any will do the trick! Just search 'fishing wire for crafts'.

Ceiling hooks

We started by attaching two ceiling hooks to the ceiling. Mr C drilled these for me last year for festive branch number 1! To make sure they don‘t fall out with the weight of the branch you need to drill them into the joists in the ceiling. I then got to work on the branch… I attached a garland of faux eucalyptus around the branch, as a base, securing it with staples. This also makes it easier to add your foliage later on as there’s something already there as a starting point.

Once this was fixed on I hooked the velvet ribbon around both ends of the branch leaving about 20 cm either side. Mine was already measured and tied to size from last year’s branch so if you’re doing it for the first time it might be handy to have someone hold the branch whilst you secure it into place and make sure it's level.

I then added the fairy lights, winding them around the branch. I hid the battery pack on top of the branch behind one of the ribbons so its easily accessible when I need to change the batteries.

Now’s the best time to add your hanging glass tea light holders. Hang them at varying heights to create interest, and roughly the same distance apart.

Then it’s time to go to town with your foliage! Some I just hooked through the faux eucalyptus and they stayed put by themselves; some needed securing with the staple gun. It’s a really good opportunity to use your creativity and just have a go experimenting with where you’d like each stem to go. As a general rule I aimed to make it (loosely) symmetrical so it looks well balanced either side. This is the best part though so enjoy it! Just remember, you can always change it up if you're not keen. I used the two ribbons mostly to thread the stems through in both directions then filled in the gaps hooking the stems wherever I could and stapling when needed.

And there you have it- Your own sparkling, festive display! I love lighting the tealights just as it starts to get dark - they looks so pretty twinkling up there with the fairy lights among the green foliage.

There's also a reel of how I did this on my Instagram page so pop on and have a look if you think it might be useful. I hope you all have a really wonderful festive period - Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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