Bamboo Interior Design Home Office Makeover - Part 1

Home offices are becoming more of a requirement than ever in people's homes with more and more people choosing to work from home to allow them flexible working. I relaunched Bamboo Interiors at the start of the year and it has been such a luxury having an actual, designated space to work in. Before I went on maternity I was working from the kitchen breakfast bar which worked fine but it’s just totally glorious to be able to disappear into here (I’m sat at my desk space as I type this!) and just get on away from the distractions of daily family life!

So how did I go about it and where did I start?? Read on for the process…

I’ve split this blog into two parts as there’s so much to cover and so much I want to tell you about the process and where I sourced things from. Part 1 will cover the accessories and ‘pretty bits’ whilst Part 2 will delve more in to the nitty gritty of the built- in furniture.

Home office moodboard showing the general design sheme, colours, furniture and accessories for Bamboo Interiors' home office
Where it all started... My office moodboard showing the design scheme I had in mind

Let’s start with that all important before picture to begin with... I love a before picture. I think it encapsulates one of the things I love most about interior design: The transformation of one space to another. And how it’s important to look back at how far you’ve come. I don’t know about you but whenever I’m about to makeover a room I always seem to let it go a bit before hand. It’s like I give up even trying to make it look nice as I know my full attention will be turned to transforming it soon. This also leads me on to how transforming a space can totally change how you work in it affecting your productivity, levels of optimism, and that’s even before practicalities, such as storage and being able to find things easily, are taken into account. Anyway I digress… can you tell I’m a bit thrilled with my new space?!

Before... I knew the room needed brightening up and I was also on the hunt for a rug to add a cosy vibe


Let’s start with the ‘pretty’… I’d fallen in love with Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Grey which in true F&B fashion is not what it says on the tin but a beautiful light but deep green. I’ve always loved sage greens so this was the perfect colour to begin with. At first I wondered whether to just paint one wall in this. Our home office is East facing and only ever gets borrowed light so isn’t the lightest room by far! However, because there was going to be so much inbuilt furniture in the room, which I wanted to all be white, I decided to go the whole hog and paint the whole room in Lamp Room Grey. I love that contrast of white on green/grey so it was just the look I was hoping to achieve. As always I got the paint mixed in a Johnstones colour match at my local DIY store- you’ll know by now how I love to save a few pennies wherever possible! I’m so glad i decided to paint the whole room. It doesn’t feel dark at all because of all the light furniture.

I added the gold touches to brighten up the room and give it a lift. I already had the gold desk lamp. The notice board with gold lettering I found in a TK Maxx- I am a HUGE TK Maxx and Homesense fan! I could get lost in there for days!

Bamboo Interior Design notice board for those all important notes!
Bamboo Interiors Notice Board

Use the rule of three to create beautifully styled accessories
Use the rule of three to create beautifully styled accessories

I had my eye on some Neptune artwork but wanted three of them and at £100 each decided to go down a cheaper route. I had a go at sketching my own which actually turned out to be a really lovely activity to spend an evening doing! I checked the measurements of the Neptune ones and made sure I bought sketching paper in a similar size then had the drawings framed at a local framers. I’m over the moon at how they’ve turned out!

The baskets are an absolute bargain from good old Ikea! You can’t go wrong at only £8 each. They’re the Byholma ones and I’ll link them here. They’re perfect for storing bits and bobs in which I don’t need access to daily so don’t need to go in the drawers beside the desk.

I used a magazine rack I found on Amazon for my paint charts. This means they’re out of the way and not cluttering up the desk but within easy reach for when I’m working on projects. This also houses my Farrow & Ball colour fan which I couldn’t live without. The colour cards are a really decent size and are a really good representation of the true paint colours. Because of the shape of it it’s also super easy to put a few colour side by side to see them up against one another and compare. I’ll link it here. The fluted pen holder is one my sister recently brought over for me from Kikki K which is the most beautiful stationary shop in Australia. Unfortunately they don’t trade in the UK but I’ve found a similar one here. The coaster I’ve had for ages and is from Anthropologie. I have a few dotted around the house I love them so much.

It took me awhile to find attractive, muted office stationary on my searches whilst sourcing things for the office. However, I was pleased to find these magazine files in Ikea- they’re just the colour I was looking for! I was over the moon when I found them as I searched high and low for ones that weren’t plain white but weren’t pastel/a garish colour either.

Office magazine files and box files from Ikea and Papaerchase
Magazine Files- Ikea, Boxfiles - Paperchase

Speaking of beautiful stationary though I did find this gorgeous dalmatian notepad in (where else?!) Paperchase. I also found some black box files there which I use for storing memorabilia and my little boy’s artwork from his Forest School.

Bamboo Interior Design workspace. Working from home deskspace. Interior Design office. Home office design
My office workspace!

The glorious rug is from Ruggable. When I saw the Persian inspired pattern I fell in love and knew that it would be perfect to pull the space together. The colours complement the Lamp Room Grey of the walls perfectly and add some pattern to the space. What's more it can even be put in the washing machine! I'll link it here.

Office makeover, lamp room grey by farrow and ball, home office design, ruggable rug, built in office desk, built in office furniture.
Bamboo Interiors HQ

Part 2 coming soon! As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts so do leave a comment below if you've found inspiration in this design! Take care, and I'll be back soon with the next instalment. Kate x

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