Five Reasons to Hire a Virtual Interior Designer

Let’s face it when we hear the phrase ‘Interior Designer’ we think it’s going to be spenny at best and totally unaffordable at worst! But gone are the days when Interior Design was reserved just for people with money to burn. Here at Bamboo Interior Design we realised there was a huge need for interior design at an affordable cost and thus Bamboo Interiors was born! Because it’s a virtual service you’re paying for us to create the design itself which you then implement. Because of this, we can afford to charge much less than an in-house interior designer who often charge by the hour meaning their costs often run into the hundreds if not thousands! So let‘s look at why it’s such a fab idea to hire a virtual interior designer...

1. It can save you money

Hiring an interior designer can actually end up saving you money as I create the scheme to a budget you set. This is part and parcel of the service and you’re paying for the experience I have in pulling a room together within the limitations of a budget.

I’ve heard it from clients before saying they’ve made big mistakes purchasing furniture which doesn’t fit once delivered or is larger than it looked in the shop or just doesn’t go. The items I choose for your scheme are all chosen specifically because they work well together, complement the colour scheme and fit well in the space.

2. It can save you time

Have you ever spent the whole evening trawling through various websites and googling different furniture and accessories just to give up, not having purchased anything because you’re feeling totally overwhelmed and have lost the will to shop?? This is where an interior designer can save you heaps of time as I have a host of online shops whose products I‘m already familiar with. It also saves you time returning things to store which don’t quite work once you get them in the room.

3. It allows you to create your dream space!

This one is the most common reason someone might think of hiring an interior designer! My professional expertise allows you to create your beautiful interior. I know which tones and textures work well together as well as considering how the space is used. Good interior design is about combining aesthetic and functionality and getting the balance right between these two things.

4. It saves you (the Pinterest) stress

Pinterest overwhelm is a real thing- it’s so easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of beautiful interiors and surface hours later feeling even more confused than when you started. I will help hone your ideas and pull them all together into a certain style or just in to a scheme which works well for you. Sometimes you can have so many ideas that you need a professional to pull all the best ones together for you. I will also help you be realistic about your space and help manage expectations too. The whole process is designed to be easy for you- the shopping list which you get along with your client pack has links to all the recommended products so you can purchase your shopping list quickly and easily!

5. It’s a super easy and enjoyable process!

From the initial consultation where we discuss what you’re hoping to achieve right through to purchasing your items, the whole process at Bamboo Interiors is fun, creative and exciting! After you’ve sent through your photos and measurements you sit back and wait for me to create your initial moodboard. Once you’re happy with the overall scheme I get to work designing your space. After you receive your final client pack you can start ordering your products with just a few clicks using the clickable shopping list!

So there you have it, 5 reasons to hire a virtual interior designer to create your dream room! Any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Click the button below to get in touch so we can book in your initial free consultation!

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