DIY Project... How To Paint a Mountain Mural

Painting a mountain mural is a sure fire way to creating a real wow factor in baby/toddler room and it’s actually so much easier than you might think!

If, like me, you like neutral décor it can also add that element of interest whilst still keeping the scheme muted. Alternatively, you could really brighten up the room depending which colours you decide to use!

You will need....

- Frog tape (Yellow as peels less)

- White paint

- Grey paint (Two different tones- One lighter, one darker)

- Roller and roller trap

- Smaller paint brush for touching up

Here’s how I did mine…

First tape up your first set of mountains. I didn’t mark this out first but went straight in with the frog tape!

Top Tip- Use the yellow frog tape as this helps prevent the paint from peeling off when you remove it.

If you’re making your mountains go round a corner (as I did here) try to keep the frog tape at the same angle either side. Don’t worry too much about making your other mountains the same shape and size – vary them a bit to create interest! Paint the top half of the wall white.

Wait until completely dry then peel off your frog tape. (If you leave it on before painting your mountains you’ll be left with a frog tape sized gap underneath!) Re-tape yellow frog tape onto the white paint following the line already painted. Leave a small edge of white paint to make sure you don’t leave a gap to the paint behind.

You can just about see in this photo the edge of the white... the gap of cream in the middle is the original wall colour. This photo was taken after rollering the grey paint on and before I'd filled in the gap with a smaller brush to make sure I didn't end up creeping over the yellow tape.

Paint your mountains all the way down to the skirting board using the lighter grey. I used Farrow and Ball Cornforth White (Mixed in a Johnstones colour match- if you don’t know already I’m a huge fan of doing this and saving where I can!)

Wait half an hour then peel off the frog tape. Touch up any paint that’s peeled if needed. Top tip: Peeling off the frog tape after about half an hour (When the paint is almost dry but no completely) gives a really crisp line and limits the risk of it peeling.

When completely dry frog tape the outline of the mountains in the distance. Make sure you tape the whole way around the shape you’ll be painting.

Paint your second set of mountains ‘in the distance’.

Wait til dry, peel off and touch up!

And there you have it… a mountain mural perfect for adding that subtle interest to a baby or toddler room! If you try this I’d really love to see how yours turns out so do tag me on Instagram or leave me a comment below! Kate x

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