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Updated: Mar 15

These monochrome photos displayed on black picture ledges are the perfect way to display your memories in a classy way. I've had my eye on some black frames from The White Company up until recently so was thrilled when I managed to put this together at a fraction of the cost!

Being honest I've really struggled with having photos up over the last few years. I love my family and friends (don't get me wrong!) and seeing their gorgeous faces around the house makes me happy but... I've just found I've been unable to display photos anywhere without feeling they make the decor look a bit dated and I just couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't in keeping with the style of my home. I went cold turkey for awhile, banning photos from the house (cold hearted I know!).. but recently I've found a way to reintroduce photos to my home and have fallen in love with them all over again. Read on for my main photo styling tip...

These picture ledges are a recent addition to our kitchen for a wall which has felt a bit neglected since we moved in. Black and white photos are making a massive come back at the moment and add a classic, sophisticated and modern vibe to a space. They also allow you to be creative with those arty shots which look beautiful in monochrome. They're also a great alternative to adding wall art to a bare wall and add a personal touch to your home.

How to style your photos in a classy way...

Treat your photos as though they are pieces of art. When putting together a gallery wall of artwork it's important to keep the style between the frames similar or at least with something in common. For example the colour or style of the frames... styling photographs should be no different. I opted for black frames all in the same style although included variation by including different sizes and displaying some portrait and some landscape. I also think that having photos in black and white adds to the classic look and ensures the photos complement each other in style and tone. I've also chosen some arty photos here instead of just using set up, posed photos.

So now you know how obsessed I am with a gallery wall, how to go about it...

You probably know by now how much I love a thrifty IKEA bargain so it's no surprise that this ensemble contains good old Lomviken photo frames. I was really impressed by the quality of these frames. They're a lovely black metal and feel sturdy. I had some reservations about the sizing as often the IKEA frames aren't an exact fit for standard photo print sizes. This only turned out to be a problem with the square photo frame which meant I had to lose 5cm off the photos I included in those but I knew that when I ordered the photos so chose pictures I knew it wouldn't matter for.

I had also hoped to get the good old Mosslanda picture ledges from IKEA too but they were out of stock for delivery so I sourced some very similar ones which we ended up using from Homebase. They only cost a tad more at £10 each instead of £9 for the IKEA ledges...and saved me a trip to IKEA- we don't live close to any major cities meaning we're around 2 hours away from the nearest IKEA! The only difference I can see between the two is that the Mosslanda ledges have a groove for the photos to sit in whereas the Homebase ones are a completely flat surface.

The photos themselves I ordered from the Snapfish App on my phone which was super straightforward. I kicked myself though after ordering as I ordered them in a Gloss finish as opposed to Matt. I just feel a Matt finish looks more sophisticated than the gloss and you don't get glare coming off the photos either. I ordered a few of each size so that I can swap different photos in and out when the mood takes me!

So there you have it! Have fun styling your own photo ledge gallery- I'd absolutely love to see what you do with them so please do tag me in your creation on Instagram!

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