Circular Coffee Table Styling!

Updated: Mar 15

One of the top questions in interior styling people have is about how to style a circular coffee table! It’s easy to have a good old coffee table faff but still feel that it doesn’t look quite right. See how I style mine at home to give you an idea of how to apply it to your own…

Use a coffee table book or two to stack in the centre. Here I’ve used a coffee table photo album I’ve been adding to to document the first year of Alfie’s life (he’s 9 months old already- how did that happen?!). I’m in love with the Printworks albums and the best things about them is they’re designed to look like pretty coffee table books so you can leave them out to be flicked through and not hidden away.

Next use the rule of three to group items on top. Vary the height of the accessories so they’re not all one level to add interest. Here I’ve used a bud vase (which I think is an absolute bargain at only £6!) and some faux scabiosa stems, a decorative shell and one of my favourite White Company candles.

Note: The rule of three can be used whenever you feel a bit stuck with accessory styling and works an absolute treat!

Use two larger items behind and at angles to frame the centrepiece. Here I used a photo frame and a piece of faux coral.

Next use that fab rule of three again to style a collection of items diagonally to the front of your centrepiece. (I’ve gone a bit candle crazy here but who doesn’t love a candle right!?) The pillar candle is actually a faux candle which I'll link here. It's incredibly realistic and the outer is actually made up of real wax so it looks super convincing!

Lastly, dot some tealight holders around to break it all up a bit and add a casual vibe. I’m a huge fan of things not looking too styled and I think circular tables tend to look best when styled informally anyway!

I’ve added links to anything I can and where items are no longer available I’ve tried to add similar so you can source them if you‘d like.

I’ve also popped a list below of my favourite accessories to style a coffee table….

- Candles

- Coffee Table books

- Small bud vases

- Faux flowers

- Framed photos

- Decorative accessories eg faux coral, large shells, wooden beads, etc

- Tealight holders

I hope you’ve found this useful! If so then I’d really love to know so please do leave a comment below.. As always, have a happy week and take care! Kate x

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