Bamboo Interiors January Organisation Tips!

Updated: Mar 15

So Christmas is over and as the dust (and pine needles!) settle I always get the urge to organise my home and have a good old clear out! It can be easy to feel overwhelmed so I’ve popped some key tips below and some links you might find useful too.

Although my focus is on Interior Design I put a huge emphasis in my designs on how spaces work for you. In my opinion, it’s all about creating that balance between making something aesthetically beautiful and ensuring it works too! There’s no point having a stunning home if there are things which bug you daily… particularly for me having a small family I can’t tell you how important it is for me that life runs as smoothly as possible..

So although this blog isn’t the ‘prettiest’ of blogs, I feel the ‘behind the scenes’ of how we organise our homes is just as crucial as how they look on the surface.

1. Clear Out… Get rid of what no longer serves you. Take this as your permission to get rid of anything which no longer gives you joy or is useful. I try to live by the rule of ‘If it’s not beautiful or useful, let it go!’ Decluttering can feel so therapeutic and leaves space in our lives for the things which lift us and which are genuinely useful. I’m a huge believer in decluttering in the best way possible for the planet too, by donating to a charity if things are still in good condition or recycling if possible. Old clothes which aren’t fit for charity shops can go to textile recycling (google to find your closest) or you could even cut them up and use them as cloths for the kitchen If suitable! I’m also a big fan of Facebook Marketplace and often pass things on through it- you never know you might even make some money out of it- Double win!

2. Think Storage… Storage is such a huge must for me when designing a space. Making sure everything is stored away ensures easy running of family life and creates a calming atmosphere. I find the Really Useful Storage Boxes very handy. They're great quality and go the distance. For prettier storage solutions I recommend having a mooch around TK Maxx / HomeSense- they often have lovely baskets, storage bags and boxes which look lovely if you don’t have somewhere to store things away and your boxes need to be on display. I’ve also recently invested in a proper bauble storage bag and am feeling like a proper grown up! It’s great having all the decs stored away in one place and I’m already excited to unpack them all next year. I think this wrapping paper storage bag looks super useful too to keep all your Christmas wrapping, string and tags together in one place.

If you have the budget for it, my favourite, The White Company, are doing some beautiful faux tree and wreath storage bags to keep your Christmas things stored away in style until next Christmas...

3. Label… I’m a self confessed label geek! I find it makes life much simpler and avoids you looking through boxes without a clue what’s in them. Labelling things also makes me more organised when filling storage boxes- I’m more likely to group things together if I know I need to label the box afterwards. I mostly label things in my little boys’ playroom to keep track of the different toys. This also allows me to find things easily and will also be helpful for my 4 year old when he starts to read. This is particularly useful for the post Christmas toy sort out and a good help for organising the new influx of toys in the house! I have the Dymo label maker which I’ve been really impressed with.

4. Avoid the sales! I’m a fine one to talk here as I bloomin' love a sale bargain! But hear me out… It’s easy to make spontaneous purchases when there are such good deals about but I much prefer to make considered purchases of things I really love and know I want for the long haul.

5. Have a limit… This point kind of leads on from my previous. Have a limit of ‘stuff’ you bring/allow in to the house. There will always be another beautiful vase, set of mugs, faux flower arrangement, must-have ornament, whatever it is- particularly if, like me, you love a good insta scroll- and if you don’t set a limit you could go on forever filling your home full of things that caught your eye on social media but which you don’t really need. This is why having an interior designer design your space for you if such a great idea as it’s all mapped out right from the get go and your limit is set for you! (Shameless self advertising there- forgive me!)

I hope you've found this useful! If you've found any tips particularly useful I'd really love to know- just pop a message in the comments. As always, wishing you a happy January! Kate x

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