All I Want For Christmas... Top 10 Interior Decor Items To Get You Feeling Festive

Updated: Mar 15

December has arrived! And what better way to celebrate my favourite month of the year than writing a blog of my top 10 interior accessories to get you in the festive mood this Winter. So snuggle up, grab a cuppa and read on to find out what's giving me all the homely feels this Christmas.

1.Medium fireside lantern- The White Company 2. Agate Coasters- Anthropologie 3. Glimmas, Jublas and Fenomen candles- IKEA 4. Faux mistletoe wreath- Lights4Fun 5. Tangle Spinning Tealight- Ferm Living 6. Fulltalig black Candlesticks- IKEA 7. Eucalyptus bouquet- Etsy seller PETITEVERTEflorist 8. Malvern wine glasses 9. Fir Tree Candle- The White Company 10. Sheepskin Rug- John Lewis

It's all about the candles

What better way to create a warm, welcoming ambience than lighting candles and creating a soft glow in the home. This year was finally the year that I acquired my first lantern and I just love the warm glow of it of an evening. Having lanterns of a similar style but of different sizes creates a really luxurious feel too. Top tip: Don't forget to stock up on your Glimmas and Jublas at IKEA. Such fantastic value for tealights, pillar candles and chandelier candles that I have yet to see beaten elsewhere!

Another candle on my list is this gorgeous one by The White Company. Not only do all their candles smell absolutely incredible, but what I love about this one is that it can reused after it's burnt with a little tealight. It's all about the reeded glass this season too- so much style in one small candle!

Bottoms Up!

Continuing my love of reeded glass is these gorgeous wine glasses from Next. A bit of a twist on the usual long stemmed wine glass and I love the sturdy feel of them too. For anyone who can tend to be a tad clumsy (like me!) with tall wine glasses, these ones are a winner!

Festive Foliage

And the festive season wouldn't be complete without some seasonal foliage. Lights4Fun have some beautiful wreaths (like the one shown above) and garlands on their website as well as being reasonably priced. I also especially like the idea this year of getting hold of a bunch of eucalyptus from a local florist. Every little helps and this year more than ever I'm trying to shop small wherever possible. Eucalyptus not only looks beautiful and Christmassy in a vase but also has many health benefits.

Enjoy getting in the festive spirit this year and staying cosy!

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