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Bamboo Interior Design provides affordable, approachable interior design. It can be frustrating when a space isn’t exactly as you want it. Whether that means introducing storage solutions to make life run more smoothly, or pulling together décor ideas you already have but can’t piece together, Bamboo Interiors creates a beautiful, harmonious setting to create a backdrop for living life.

Life is busy and sometimes you need someone else to do the thinking and give you the ideas when you don't have the head space. Or perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to inject some new ideas into the space. Whatever it is, Bamboo Interiors can help you create a space which works for you.



"I am passionate about interior design and I love creating spaces which not only look beautiful but which work practically around peoples’ lives. I believe interior décor isn’t just about the latest trend but about building a scheme to reflect the personality of whoever lives there; a design needs to tell the story of its inhabitants and to include all those wonderful personal details.

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our thoughts and how we feel and function. Bamboo Interiors was born after realising from my own designs in my home that beautiful Interior Design doesn’t have to cost the earth. I love being able to create affordable interior design for people who love their homes but want to spend high street prices. I run Bamboo Interiors with people like myself in mind, who love and appreciate beautiful, functional spaces but don’t want to spend huge amounts of money and are comfortable without the pretentiousness that can sometimes accompany interior design."



Alongside a wealth of independently gained interior design experience and knowledge, Kate has successfully completed a Diploma qualification with Distinction in Professional Interior Design at the National Design Academy. This course covered modules such as Space Planning, Technical Drawings of Plans and Elevations, Creative Lighting, Colour for Interior Design and Soft Furnishings. She continues to further her knowledge of the interior design industry through self-study and keeping abreast of current design trends which is crucial in this fast moving and ever evolving field. She also has a degree in Psychology BSc Hons from the University of Portsmouth.

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